Two Armenian boys climb Mount Ararat, unfurl Armenian national flag

Two Armenian boys, 19-year-old Sevak and 16-year-old Sipan, reached the top of Mount Ararat a few days ago.

The boys, who were born in France, told what made them make that ascent of Mount Ararat.

Their parents moved from Aleppo, Syria, to France 20 years ago. In France they started a family, with three sons born to them.

Born in France, Sevak, Sipan and Solak could only speak Armenian at the age of three. Now, however, they can speak, write and read Armenian.

“Our parents proved to be an Armenian school for us. They did their best for us to know about Armenian culture, write, read and speak Armenian. And we are very proud of that. They also imparted their love for Armenia and Western Armenia to us. True, we are living in a foreign soil, but we have a feeling that this is our native land. It was their and our dream to climb Mount Ararat, and we did not hesitate. Atop the mount I felt pride and might. That was unbelievable,” Sevak says.

The boy’s parents intend to make an ascent of Mount Ararat next year, and the boys are likely to accompany them.

Sipan says that the idea of climbing Mount Ararat came to him after one of his friends, who made an ascent last year, shared his impressions with him.

Karine Siseryan, their group head at the Armenian General Union of Body Culture (Homenetmen – HMEM), accompanied the boys.
On Aug. 7 to 13, they were on a visit to Western Armenia. On Aug. 8, they began their ascent and reached the top on Aug. 10. They unfurled Armenia’s national flag there.

“It is a curious feeling to be atop Mount Ararat,” Savak says.
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